I grew up in northern Ontario, Canada surrounded by Nature – lakes, wide open spaces, and wildflowers. My family would take walks passing baby foxes around their dens and bushes that my dad would make whistles from for my brothers and me while we walked. My mom was an adventurous city girl who travelled north on her own to work at a Red Cross hospital as a nurse. After she married a farmer by spring, summer, and autumn, and logger by winter my parents made and sold crafts to make ends meet. My love of nature, creative insights, and entrepreneurial spirit are deeply rooted in my upbringing.

Years later I would graduate from floral design school and work in flower shops for many years. Next I managed a not-for-profit, Christian-based thrift shop where one of my favourite duties was creating and staging themed window displays such as Victorian Linens. As I matured I was surrounded by natural beauty and opportunities to develop new creative skills.

Over the years during trips to beaches along the eastern shore of Lake Huron (one of the five Great Lakes bordered by Canada and the USA), I would leisurely gather driftwood and haul it home. I was sure I would use it someday.

Initially I made driftwood frames as family gifts. Working with driftwood reinvigorated my artistic side. With a dash of colour and the fond memory of a Lake Huron sunset I painted what is now know as Vermilion Sunset. In 2016 I started to sell frames across North America under the name Vermilion Sunset Studio. Shortly after frames the idea of my signature driftwood flowers blossomed. Repurposing marine debris fits my ecological lifestyle. Now I offer a wide range of artful driftwood works and abstract art on canvas, done by commission or through retail sales.