Artist's Statement

Perhaps I am more complicated than I realize! I handcraft artful works from driftwood and I am an abstract artist. I love what Nature makes and I love making what Nature doesn’t. Nature not only inspires me, it also advises me. For instance, Nature is the ultimate repurposer so instead of making two or three-dimensional replicas of it, I use it as the building material of my artful works. Driftwood is ingenious – it comes in all sizes, shapes, and shades so I respect each piece and find a perfect place for it in each artful work without altering it. This doesn’t mean I reject painting driftwood because Nature isn’t monochrome. In my abstract work I strive to mimick the simplicity and geometry of Nature and the variety and textures in Nature. In my driftwood pieces mimicking Nature means embracing ruggedness and wrinkles. I hope my works on canvas fits a wall, a lifestyle, a mood. I hope my works with driftwood holds memories and preserves the awesomeness  of Nature.